How does it work?

A visitor enters the news feed
A visitor clicks on any advertisement material
A visitor places an order and you get 90% of the deductions

Why choose us?

Deductions 90% from each accepted lead + revenue from the push base collected from your traffic;
Good product - CTR from news click to click on advertisement materials reaches 70%, and revenue from a visit is $ 0.021 (depending on country);
We provide the information how to make money, what news articles are the best , what creatives/teasers, and how to analyze news traffic!


How to start?
1. Create traffic source in streams section
2. Find relevant news in News section and get a link
3. Buy traffic for the news you need using any permitted traffic source
4. Improve your work (For more information, see How To Analyze Traffic?)
What is a stream and how to use it?
Stream means an advertising network from which you will take traffic. The stream is used for analyzing as well as for better working with macros (you may set macros once your create the stream; after that, you may get ready links with a single click
We recommend:
We recommend create one stream per one type of advertising approach.
For example, your work with mgid or oblivki and additionally purchase ads for PC and MOBILE.
What traffic sources may be used?
- Native networks
- Google Ads
- Mytarget

Forbidden sources:
- Adapt
- Push (approval required)
- Facebook (approval required)
How to analyze traffic?
Analytics provides for the following parameters allowing traffic analysis:
- Visits: number of visits by your link (including non-unique ones)
- Potential EPC is a parameter forecasting your average income from a single click with available traffic behavior at a long distance. It is used by internal buying to determine a price per click for each news item depending on its parameters.
- EPC (income/visits: rounded to the hundredths)
- Clicks: number of clicks on ads
- CTR: percentage of clicks on natives from visits number
- Leads: number of leads
- CR: conversion percentage
- Approve: percentage of approved leads out of total leads
- Income: actual income earned

We recommend analyzing traffic by the following parameters:
GEO, platforms, websites, news, and stream
We recommend create a separate stream for each combination of Advertising Network+GEO+PLATFORM
Grouping by news and websites should be used to reveal inefficient ads.
How often will payments be made?
Payments are made on a weekly basis on Mondays. The minimum payment is 40$.
Also, you may request early payment, contact jivosite for that.
How to select news to which I would spend traffic?
In News section, news are sorted by popularity for the recent 24 hours. We recommend choose them.
Can I add my own news?
Yes, when you add news, they will be moderated. They will be approved by moderators within 24 hours provided that such news do not violate laws of the Russian Federation and our internal policy.
What average parameters may be taken as a reference point?
Average approve for GEO:
ID 21%
RU 21%
UA 28%
KZ 22%
BY 22%
How often will statistics be updated?
Push statistics: once per 10 minutes
General statistics: leads—once per 5 minutes; visits—realtime
What is the best source to refer traffic to
We recommend use the source you know from experience. Such sources as Google ads, YAN, mytarget give the greatest income. However, our news are rejected by moderation there; that is why cloaking skills are needed. If you are experienced in bypassing moderation in those sources, you should work with them.
Native networks give relatively low ROI (up to 30%) but you do not need bypass moderation. We recommend them if you do not work with sources requiring cloaking.
May I send PostBack from you?
Yes, you may set PostBack for each separate stream. Activate Send PostBack in search settings for that.
What for do I need macros and where can I get them?
Macros are used to identify websites/ads from which traffic is bought in advertising network in statistics. You may use them to turn off inefficient websites or ads. Generally, supported macros are described in documentation of each advertising network.
Here are macros for popular native networks:
Websites - {widget_id}
Natives - {teaser_id}
Websites - %SRC_ID%
Natives - %AD_ID%
Websites - [SID]
Natives - [TID]
Websites - [SID]
Natives - [TID]
Is there a payout hold?
For new clients, the hold lasts until the first redeemed leads and the minimum amount of the first payment is 136$.